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come-to-never-neverland-with-me inquired:
Aww what's happening right now?? Because whatever it is I'm telling you now that it will be okay. Even if everything sucks. Everything will be okay

Ahh I just had a terrible luck lately ; _ ; I don’t really know why„ thank you very much for the comfort ; u ; <3


moonloonraccoon inquired:
I just wanna say thanks cause finally someone told me to put the source for that picture cause I've been looking for the actual artist forever but I couldn't find them

Ohh, you’re welcome!! Which picture was it, by the way? ; v ; I used saucenao and google image search for source finding! It’s fun searching for art sources, in my opinion


i need someone to send me some comfort messages rn „



Today’s coord

OP - Bodyline

Hat - Vintage

Tights - Offbrand

Socks - Topshop

Shoes - Bodyline

Accessories - Offbrand/vintage




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